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How to Get Custom T-Shirt Printing in Sacramento

Updated: Feb 17

Screen printing is still the #1 method for printing t-shirts and other goods. Screen prints are vibrant, opaque, and last forever (if done correctly). Screen printing also allows for a large volume of goods to be printed in a short amount of time, making it more affordable than processes that take longer such as sublimation & Direct to Garment.

Whether you run a business, play in a band, or like to create art, custom screen-printed goods are a huge opportunity for you to promote yourself and even generate income.

What designs can we print?

We can print any artwork ranging from simple graphic logos to complex photographic designs. Our goal is to screen print any design, even the designs that other shops find too complicated or time consuming to set up. We have come up with a system for color separating artwork that takes us very little time but still yields high quality results, so we can give our customers exactly what they want without adding set up or design fees to their cost.

screen printing sacramento ca

Simple 2 color print

Photographic 6 color print

How does the ordering process work?

Our ordering process is very simple. Just upload your design to our quote form, let us know what type of garment you want it printed on, and we will send you a quote for the order. Once the quote is approved and paid for, we will have your order ready in 2-4 weeks. If you need it sooner, we do offer rush orders for an extra fee.

Our pricing is based on several factors:

  • The number of colors in a design. A full color design counts as a 6-color print.

  • The quantity of items being printed. The higher the quantity of items you order, the cheaper your per unit cost will be.

  • The value of the item you are printing. We offer garments ranging from budget to premium.

You can use our pricing calculator to compare different pricing options.

Ink types

We use three different types of screen-printing ink which you can choose from:

Plastisol: The heaviest of the three. Plastisol leaves a print that is bolder and higher in density than the other ink types and can be felt on the surface of a shirt. This is perfect for text and simple designs.

Water Based: Water based ink is much lighter than plastisol ink. On a light-colored shirt, you can’t feel a water-based print at all. When water-based ink is printed on a darker shirt you can feel a light layer of ink, but it is significantly thinner than a layer of plastisol ink would be.

Discharge: Discharge ink allows for prints on darker shirts that can’t be felt on the fabric. This ink has a slightly grainier and more vintage look than water-based ink does, which some clients prefer.

If you don’t have a preference on what type of ink, you’d like us to use, then we will use our own best judgment to give you the highest quality result.

Custom Colors

Our color pallet is in no way limited. We can mix custom Pantone colors based on the colors in your original artwork at no extra charge.

It’s important that your merchandise is being made in the right place. At Hard Eight we’re committed to making your vision come to life, no matter what that vision is! Get a quote today.

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