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We can screen print any artwork ranging from simple graphic art to complex photographic art.

Lurk hard LB hoodie close_edited.jpg

Simple 2 color graphic print.

Wolf pepper_edited.jpg

Complex 4 color photographic print.

Different types of  ink

We use plastisol, water based, and discharge inks.

plastisol close white_edited_edited.jpg

Plastisol Ink is the easiest type of screen printing ink to use and also the most common. It's plastic-based and sits on top of the fabric that it's printed on.

whaterbased close real white_edited_edit

Water Based Ink is more seamless and typically considered to be higher in quality than plastisol. It soaks into the fabric more and you can't feel it when you put your finger on it as long as it's printed on a light garment.

Discharge close_edited_edited_edited.jpg

To get that seamless result on darker garments, we use Discharge Ink. Discharge ink will remove dye from a dark shirt while it's being cured. This results in a print that doesn't feel like an extra layer on the shirt.

Custom Pantone colors

We have several different Pantone mixing systems. If there are specific colors that you want to use, we can match any Pantone color and accurately mix it out of any type of ink.

mixing kit_edited_edited.jpg

to see a list of Pantones that we can mix.

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